What’s Happening

We have all kinds of events planned for your enjoyment. The best way to find out what is happening at the DC SPEAKEASY is to join our mailing list. I know what your are thinking, “Great get more email that I will never read.” We will not spam you we promise, in fact we hardly have time to get one out every month so don’t worry you will never get more then one or two emails from us a month Promise. You can also look below to see whats is going on at the Speakeasy and see what is coming. Click on the LINK to DC PRODUCTIONS  and it will open with all the details.

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The calendar of upcoming vents at The DC Speakeasy can Be Found at EVENT AT THE DC SPEAKEASY

DC Productions runs all the entertainment at the DC Speakeasy. 

If you have any Questions Call Hook at 202-538-7963